Tomy Or Zox - You Are My Desire

Tomy Or Zox - You Are My Desire

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Добавлено: 2016-11-15

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You are my desire , I'm burning , I'm holding fire
Don't you know I'm getting higher when I just close to you
Holding my desire , it's taken ,it's my heartbreaking
You could see me as a liar just a getting to you.
First I Bring you flowers , you holding don't speak for hours
And decide , you should go hire and I'm not good for you .
Then I'll see your lovers , the story , that what you covers ,
How we manage our power , just for the man loving you .

Nana nana na na na na nana na na ..

Видео Филипп Киркоров-Индиго /Tomy Or Zox-You are my desire
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