Fight Everyone - Against All Odds

Fight Everyone - Against All Odds

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Добавлено: 2016-10-27

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I'm pure. I live my life this way, so I can walk strong everyday. Unlike you, who try to bring us down. You've paid, with losing your family. That's all I need to say. We use our minds, and we stand strong. We don't look back. It's in the path. Moving forward, it's called progression. The mark of strength, it's on our hands. If you've got some words, I'll bust your ass. It's been a rough road, for me and you. We kept our heads up, and pushed our way through. Straight edge was the key, for our survival. Now look at us, this shit is final. This feeling, nothing can compare, these aren't words of despair. You've been cut from our lives. How does it feel to be cut twice? ow you're gone, and never coming back. You made our eyes, we were your prize, we raise our fist, without disgust. I watched the drinking rot you. I watched the smoking rot you. It's too late for me to help you, now I won't bury you. This is how we live our lives... DRUG FREE and STRAIGHT EDGE

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