Evil Pimp - Devil Shit

Evil Pimp - Devil Shit

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Добавлено: 2016-12-28

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Текст песни:

See I worship devil shit to keep the demons in my head
close my eyes and now Im sweatin toss and turnin im my bed,
making homicides, demons fly as I increase my high,
Satan Now Appears but just in shadow and its time to ride,
Slowly rub my eyes to clear my head cuz Im not seein straight,
lucifer repeats "its time to go" but still I hesitate,
Rubbin And Washin My Hands Right on my jeans cuz theres a bloody mess,
Figurin out what did I do to get these cutts all on my hands and chest,
feelin so satanic in a panic and Im full of rage,
now Im placed in prison locked away up at an early age,
so I grab and cock my glock and get my ass up on the creep,
niggas talkin shit about my click I'll burry six feet deep,
walkin into the living room and call my roomates to the den,
then I start to buck and leave them buckas shoot up all my friends,
now Im lurkin cautiously,
I hope that jesus calls and says " for eternally the evil pimp gon be
the devils slave.

See I Worship Devil Shit, You bustas best not fuck with dis,
See I Worship Devil Shit, Ill Put you bitches in a ditch (4X)

Cresent Moon Up In the Night And Now The Evil Pimp Appears,
Families In A Panic cuz their family members disappear,
Horror Bloody Scene From The king of this evil shit,
Brain Gon Splat on walls homicides I brutally comit,
put you in a bag with toe tags and then I start to drag,
So dont fuck with me especially when hold the 40 mag,
just like Im chris cringle slate boe jingle from this plastic nine,
went ta park and stacked you like a pringle so dont fuck with mine,
and the gun I hold tight in my hand increases murda rates,
pop them twice and watch the blood bitch as i sold them from their fate,
make my way to church so I can quickly clear my soul,
devils gotta hold wont let go and I can pray no more,
and hoe I should mention aint no fiction wake you from your sleep,
mentally intention for the mention leave you six feet deep,
gotta couple tattoes now you actin like a killa,
Imma leave you tatted up floatin upside down in river.

See I Worship Devil Shit, You bustas best not fuck with dis,
See I Worship Devil Shit, Ill Put you bitches in a ditch (6X)

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