Для видео. Группа Рыжий Кот - -

Для видео. Группа Рыжий Кот - -

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1 It is so unjust that we must
Feel inadequasy where is your empathy
I feel a misfit wearing this kit
Stereotype me that is my free

Free to manipulate when I stipulate
That is my prerogative
I tell you free to manipulate when I stipulate
It is going round round tell you what I found

Sex Sells
Every night and day it will be this way
Sex Sells
So what you gotta prove when it is all your life to choose

2 You play the game make me tame
I have a personality dont care if it is fallacy
Oh what is the harm use that charm
You gotta show some skin make sure you are be thin

Видео Помогите бегемоту.шоу-группа Рыжий кот,г.Пенза
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