2nd Season - M&D's

2nd Season - M&D's

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We are grateful to those people,
Who had guts to bring us to this world
When the time comes we will be there
To help out and protect our

Is where our hearts belong and this
Will stay unturned forever

And everything you've ever done for us,
It's in our minds, we won't forget it.
We owe you all the things we've ever had,
We will repay, you won't regret it.

And even though we had some stupid misunderstandings.
We always knew we would resolve them with better endings.
And no matter where we go by ourselves,
You are still with us, and we don't need help.

We'll give up all the things we want,
So you wouldn't get, you would not get old
We promise we will do our best,
So you could get, you could get some rest

And our love for you is endless,
It will never fade away

You helped us throughout our lives
When we were weak and helpless.
And now we are strong,
It is our turn

When we were little kids,
You always made those days so bright.
Some stupid things we did,
You always made them seem alright.

Thinking about that,
It always makes us warm inside.
That childhood we had,
We're truly sure it was the best time of our lives.

And we know that we just can't bring it all back.
It's ok. We've grown up and we're not even sad,

Because our age doesn't matter,
It doesn't mean that we're old

And we know that our bodies seem to wear out,
But our spirit will go on here

Life is pointless
Without those people,
Who cared for you,
When you were so little.


Видео 2nd Season – Секреты @ Moscow, Shale, 25.IV.15
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